Nature of Business

Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited has provided construction services and manufactured pre-stressed concrete piles since 1976. In 1995, it was changed to a public company limited and changed its name from Nawarat Patanakarn Company Limited to Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited. On February 17, 1995, the Company increased its capital and registered its paid-up capital to the amount of 500 Million Baht by offering its shares to the public and proposed to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on August 31, 1995. On September 27, 1995, the Company was incorporated as a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. As of December 31, 2016, the Company had the registered capital of 2,585,481,515 Baht and the paid-up capital of 2,585,481,515 Baht.

Nature of Main Product/Service

Nawarat Patanakarn Public Company Limited is involved in the construction contracting business providing construction services to the government sectors, state enterprises, as well as private sectors. It undertakes works of construction as a main contractor, a sub-contractor, or through a Joint Venture business. The Company is considered a leading contractor by several entities; for example, it has been designated a Category 1 A contractor by Department of Highways having the right to make bids in all sorts of road construction for the Department regardless of the distance and price. Also, the Company has already registered with various government agencies such as Royal Irrigation Department, Public Works Department, Communication Authority of Thailand, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, and Provincial Waterworks Authority. The Company acquires construction projects by way of bidding and direct contact with the project owners, with its reputation and impressive track record being the main factors of building its customers’ trust.
At present, it is able to undertake various types of works including:
  • Buildings
  • Warehouses and Industrial Plants
  • Public Works and Utilities
  • Ports, Berths and Jetties
  • Power Plants, electricity generating dam
  • Dams, Ditches and Irrigation Works
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems, Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Tunneling and Pipe Jacking Works

The Company established its pre-stressed concrete product factories to supply its construction projects and also sell to the public by bidding and direct employment. The Company’s products include pre-stressed concrete piles, pre-stressed concrete girders and precast concrete pipes for construction of wastewater treatment projects, parapets, concrete pre-cast slabs and sheet pile to protect from land subsidence, with the ratio of production for supplying its own projects to that for selling to the others being 62:38 in 2014, 77:23 in 2015 and 85:15 in 2016.

The Company has manufactured fabricated steel product for supplying its construction projects and selling to the others, with the ratio of production for supplying its own projects to that for selling to the others being 94:06 in 2014, 72:28 in 2015 and 89:11 in 2016.